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Luoyang Yinjiang Glass Machinery & Tools Co., Ltd. locates in peony city of Luoyang,one of ancient capital of China. Based on decades’of  technical research & renovation of glass machinery and practice of glass processing, we supply high quality equipments and service to customers worldwide. As a professional company with integrated services team we develop new energy saving compressed convection system for your old tempering furnace.

We have a good reputation for our domestic and oversea customers in America, Europe, South East Asia and Africa, Our main business including: sales of glass machinery, technical support and consultation, supply all kinds of spare parts for glass processing machine.

Main Business:

Sales of new or second hand glass machinery;

A.Technical support of glass machinery and tempering furnace, such as heavy maintenance,

B.Upgrade, and supply of spare parts;

C.Supply of consumptive material, abrasive tools, handling and transportation, lamination and insulation material

Glass Technical Support;

Productivity improvement and optimization of production process: supply relative complementary equipment for productivity improvement; production planning guidance ; optimize energy saving production process; Technical training support

Yinjiang Glass with decades of technical experience,  persists on integrity and pragmatic, close service, win-win cooperation, great efforts innovation to provide continuously satisfied service and top-quality glass machines to customers .

Enterprise purpose: people oriented, credibility and integrity, to be leader of  the glass technology service industry .

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