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Luoyang Yinjiang glass equipment company is located in the beautiful ancient capital of Luoyang Chinese company, after several years of development of deep processing of glass and glass tempering machine set glass technology R & D innovation to provide quality equipment and technical support services to global customers based on deep processing. The company has advanced glass technology supporting ability and technical team, the technology is a comprehensive professional services company, at the same time, research and development of new energy-saving supercharging convection tempering furnace transformation technology of high-quality cooperation at home and abroad customers.

Global coverage of dozens of glass machine users; has technical support to Europe and Southeast Asia the Middle East and Africa etc. glass deep-processing enterprises well received; our main business includes: glass equipment technical services and supplies and glass glass machine sales. The company has independent import and export business ability, open management.
One, installation and maintenance technical support: upgrading, tempering equipment sales and equipment technology including: transformation, increase in bending tempered flat steel upgrade equipment heating; forced convection; (high pressure energy-saving convection) high temperature axial flow fan toughening equipment dismantling, relocation, restructuring, debugging process difficult problem processing, equipment; fault diagnosis and troubleshooting; thermal insulation system renovation, replacement of insulation systems such as new equipment insulation effect of the same. Rebuild heating system, replace heating system, use new matrix heating mode, overhaul old equipment, remove radiant plate
Two, supplies accessories supply: a full range of glass deep-processing machinery. Tempering furnace cutting machine, grinding edge, drilling, plus glue, hollow. Mechanical and electrical fittings and all kinds of glass supplies, handling, lifting, cutting, labor protection.
Three, production capacity improvement: provide related production capacity, supporting equipment, operation flow, production plan.
Four, production process optimization: professional production, technical guidance and provide optimized energy saving production program.
Five, equipment supply: the supply of high quality glass processing machine (new machine) and high-quality second-hand machine, providing technical training services.
Yinjiang glass equipment company has decades of experience in technology, uphold the integrity of customer service, cooperation and win-win for business purposes. At present, a large number of domestic and foreign glass deep-processing enterprises have established long-term cooperative relationship! Enterprise tenet: people-oriented, integrity code, establish glass technology service industry model!
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